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EXPOSED: Secret plot to sabotage Obambo box office results

Posted on 30 August 2012

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EXPOSED: Secret plot to sabotage Obambo box office results

Many of you have already heard of the treacherous first-hand account lengthy hit piece titled "No Easy Day". Now many of you might have been tricked into believing this was a book describing the wonders of our President's success, but this is anything but that. Instead, this jumbled-up mess of words is designed to destroy our Glorious Leadyer's reputation by not telling the story about how he held off hordes of enemy troops with a machine gun in one hand and an environmentally-friendly shell recycle in the other. Instead, the disgusting piece of writing says that Osama was killed by a sniper before he could reach his weapon. How boring is that?

But there you have it: a direct admittance to killing an unarmed man! This book does nothing to push re-election chances or praise our Dear Leadyer; why does it exist? Surely this is what we've come to expect, but fortunately it is all lies.

The real writer of this book is none other than a seventy-three-year-old hermit living in Montana. His Rethuglikkan superiors published it unwittingly, hoping us people would be stupid enough to believe that it was a sniper, or perhaps, a semi-aquatic mammal, who managed to crawl miles onto land before dragging Bin Laden to the ocean.

Everyone knows that OBAMA was the one who killed OSAMA. You'd have to be perpetually flung into orbit to not know that... and even then you'd be informed enough to know that Obambo is not only based, but directly factual down to the last sneeze our president gave before hopping on the wing of Air Force One before flying back home.

If anyone with the proper stomach and strong resistance to Rethuglikkan propaganda has already read ... read more ... Statistics : 4 Replies || 389 Views Post by Comrade Sovremennyy

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