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Cheap Tomatos & Illegal Immigration

Posted on 26 May 2010

As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of.

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Last Shuttle to ISS

Posted on 16 May 2010

GM Kessell Out there   The shuttle Atlantis is making its final trip to the International Space Station and due to dock at 10:27 EDT over the South Pacific.  Commander Kenneth Hamm told the ISS crew “We’re chasing you down!”  as Atlantis manouvered ever closer. He added that it was a “stunning view” as they […]

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Posted on 13 May 2010

GM Kessell Flyover,Kansas   You should be here. You really should. From here, in Kansas,the world is not so overpowering. The daily life is just as vibrant and bustling as any cosmopolitan confine in any corner of the planet,yet, just out our backdoor we can escape for awhile. We can ignore, if only for a […]

New Hubble Deep Space Shots

Posted on 09 May 2010

A galaxy far,far away…………     The clowns,freaks and I encourage you to googleimage the new Hubble Deep Space shots. Remember kids, sometimes you just gotta stand back and notice that there is more to all of this BigTop than you ever imagined!

Obama Addresses Hampton University

Posted on 09 May 2010

Hampton,Virginia   President Barack Obama in his commencement address to Hampton University mostly criticized modern media and video games as equal diversions and that they posed new strains on democracy.   In his address he  told the students that the key tot progress was education. In further comments he also spoke of iPods,XBoxes,iPads and PlayStations-“none […]

Still Popular In The Country Of MY Birth!

Posted on 03 May 2010

Washington DC  President Obama had fun at the National Press Club Dinner this weekend and was generally funny. Delivering well written punch lines and playing to a room that was decidedly in his corner, Barack Obama had a great night.

Bloomberg Points To Domestic Terrorist

Posted on 03 May 2010

New York     Mayor Bloomberg, in an interview with CBS’s Katie Couric speculated that the suspect in the Times Square Bomb attempt could be a domestic terrorist who acted alone.”If I had to guess..this would be exactly that.Homegrown or a mentally deranged person, or a person with a political agenda that doesn’t like the healthcare bill […]

Pathetic Response to Oil Spill

Posted on 03 May 2010

 Gulf of Mexico   In the days since the horrific disaster in the Gulf of Mexico when 11 lives were lost,an oil rig sunk, and thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil began spewing into the environment one question looms bigger than Texas. Why wasn’t the 1994  “In- Situ Burn Plan” implemented immediately?

Barry the New Tiger?

Posted on 01 May 2010

  The National Enquirer is reporting that a good ol’ cheating scandal is brewing in DC. Seems that they have a reporter confirmimg a limo drivers story of a secret rendevous in 2004. That and anti- Obama operatives have a million dollar bounty for the goods.

Deputy Shot by Illegal

Posted on 01 May 2010

 Phoenix    AP and KTAR report that a Pinal County Sheriffs Deputy was shot and wounded by suspected illegals smuggling bales of marijuana through the desert between Phoenix and Tuscon Friday, April 30th.    Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, a 15 year veteran had a chunk of skin blown off above his kidney by an AK […]

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