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DHS Right Wing Extremism Report

Posted on 21 April 2009

The Department of Homeland Security seems to be prepared to trample on the First Amendment rights of concerned citizens who disagree with the current Administration’s positions.

You can Read the whole Report Here –> DHS Right Wing Extremism Report

Opposed to abortion?  Returning from serving your beloved country fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan?

You’ve been labeled a domestic terrorist.  A real ”danger” to America.

Our country is at war with real terrorists – groups that have vowed to destroy our very way of life.  Now, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued a new assessment about domestic terrorism.  Who’s on the list … al-Qaeda?  No.  Islamic radicals?  No.

Included in what the government has labeled ”rightwing extremists” – groups they’ve defined as ”primarily hate-oriented” – are pro-life supporters.

This is extremely troubling.  Instead of targeting those who are actually trying to destroy America, the government is singling out those who stand up for human life, citizens who oppose the new Administration’s policies – and putting your First Amendment rights at risk in the process.

Make no mistake:  This outrageous characterization is not going unchallenged.  The American Center for Law and Justice is mobilized and ready.  We want you to stand with us in sending a powerful message to the Department of Homeland Security.

I am not a domestic terrorist, and I refuse to be labeled as such by the Department of Homeland Security!  Add your name to the ACLJ’s online DEMAND FOR RETRACTION to Homeland Security.

This characterization is not only offensive to millions of Americans who hold constitutionally-protected views but it also raises serious concerns about the political agenda of an agency with a mandate to protect America.