Perhaps Now, We Will Never Know….

Posted on 05 November 2008

Obama’s past will now finally be put to rest — never to be questioned or looked upon again. Hidden away by the Mainstream Media, Is there something in here he’s trying to hide?

Let’s see what we won’t have now going forward about President-Elect Obama.  Truly a very ‘mysterious’ man:

1. Occidental College records — Not released

2. Columbia College records — Not released

3. Columbia Thesis paper — “Not available”

4. Harvard College records — Not released

5. Selective Service Registration — Not released

6. Medical records — Not released

7. Illinois State Senate schedule — Not available

8. Your Illinois State Senate records — Not available

9. Law practice client list — Not released

10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate — Not released

11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released

12. Record of your baptism — Not available

13. Copy of the video from that party with Rashid Khalidi — Not released

Oh and one more thing Senator, I can’t seem to find any articles you published as editor of the Harvard Law Review, or as a Professor at the University of Chicago. Can you explain that to me Sir?

Oh but, hey — listen! I know you’re busy! If this is too much for you right now — I mean — tell you what. I’ll come back tomorrow. Give you some time to get these things together, You know? I mean, I know you’re busy. I’ll just let myself out. I’ll be back tomorrow. And the day after. .

What’s that Senator?  Who wants to know these things ?
We the People of the United States of America ! You know, the ones that vote.

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  1. tommy says:

    Why people tend to blame this man for playing the game the right way. He is black and he needed to play smart and wise. This was an election of presidency, not a car show. He played smart and even if I did not vote for him, I would have him on my team anytime. Mccain made his mistake by being mean and nasty in his campaign. If Mccain would have played in Barack’s shoes do you think he would have been picked upon for allowing the world to contribute to his campaign. If the world would just grow up and see what we have done to this nation of people. We have envolved into caring and considerate people. We have looked at Barack Obama as a mand and not as an Black man. Talk about that and see if it makes the news.

  2. Stan says:

    Obama should be reminded daily that we still expect, and deserve, to see these things you mention. Right up until his last day in office. Realistically though, we never will. He is too powerful and sneaky. There are some things he is hiding and there are other thing we know about that he won’t admit or talk about. He’s a practiced liar.

  3. Ken says:

    Should someone be suspected of being a threat to this country I would think that the govertment has ways to find out the answers to these questions.
    I have no doubt there are people that do know the answeres and then some.
    The question is will the information, good or bad be released & when.

  4. juandos says:

    I can easily imagine that the Peggy Joseph types are easily offended at the possibility that the BROWN CLOWN they voted for might be outted for being a fraud and a theiving commie PARASITE

  5. kenyan born says:

    HA! I was born in Kenya and the certificate shown here is rubbish! Firstly, its says "Coast Province" at the top. They never indicate the province at the top. Then, the province of birth is Nyanza-that's on the other side of the country, look it up. How can one be born in one province and have a birth certificate from another (assuming that they had provincial names next to the national govt symbol-makes even less sense). Get ur facts right.

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