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Is Bloomberg Polling or Palling?

Posted on 03 November 2008


by Jonas S. Lieberman


Why is the company owned by Jewish Mayor Bloomberg of NYC (Owner of Bloomberg radio & media) participating in “Election Polling” together with the LA Times? To me & Sarah Palin this would be referred to as “PALLING” together. This is the newspaper that is withholding the Rashid Khalidi video tape of Barack Hussein Obama. The LA Times is withholding information from the public that could affect the outcome of Tuesdays presidential election. This is the tape that may provide what Obama was saying & doing at a Jew hating, Israel spew hating party with un-repentant terrorist Ayers & Dorn & former terrorist PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi. This  tape  has exactly one day to surface and has Obama so scared because it may change the face of this presidential election. Obama and his Chicago style political muscle have allegedly threatened the LA Times into withholding the video.


Mayor Bloomberg has found himself in an embarrassing  quandary, caught up as a Jew and as a Democrat. This relationship of his company and the LA Times has been ongoing for over 18 months and effectually could lose him the Jewish vote and consequently the election as a third term Mayor for NYC. Why was this association not important until now? Because the Rashid Khalidi video tape was not a hot topic of discussion until recently and Mayor Bloomberg just had the city council approve a third term run just the other week. The terms have changed.


What is more important to Mayor Bloomberg? His third term  as Mayor of NYC or the presidential election of Obama? A difficult dilemma indeed.