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Congratulations President-Elect Obama

Posted on 05 November 2008

Only a few years ago, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, writing to uphold affirmative action policies at the University of Michigan, speculated that the time would be ripe to reconsider racial preference policies in thirty years, after the nation has had more time to progress.

Thirty years came quickly.

The nation has moved beyond what was. We congratulate President-elect Obama on a well fought battle won well.

We also thank Senator McCain and urge Governor Palin to stay involved and engaged.

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  1. mimi says:

    Dear President Elect Obama,
    Congratulations!!! I didnt vote for you, but I listened to your acceptance speech.

    You said you would be my president too! Well Duh!!
    I hope you stand true to your word and bring about positive changes for our nation. I pray that you are not going to be a puppet for special interest groups and I pray you have the back bone to stand up to the Islamic militants that hate our country so and want to see all non-muslims world wide dead.

    You spoke often of our Lady Liberty and the beacon that shines bright on our shores, I hope that with your leadership, the light continues to shine brightly. I hope that you remember the men and women who have fought the many wars our country has faced and the reasons our soldiers have died. I pray that the deaths of our American Soldiers lost in the numerous battles have not become in vain.

    Congratulations President Elect Obama may you guide our country Honestly and fearlessly and with all respect due, Mr.President Elect,keep your hands off my stack.

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