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It’s Official: Voter Fraud Found in Ohio

Posted on 19 October 2008

Voter Fraud is now a key tactic to garner Obama the win. Nope, not voter registration fraud , but actual fraud.

Apparently, some college students involved in the natorious "Vote From Home" have committed fraud by not actually being residents of Ohio and voted in Ohio’s early voting process.  The Ohio law clearly states that you can not vote if you are there for a short time, on vaction or there temporarily for work.   There’s a group of young people who rented a house with the sole purpose of engaging in voter fraud.  This is just one case of many happening in Ohio.

I clear that some people just shouldn’t be able to vote .

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  1. laura says:

    The liberal/Democrats have and will cause chaos in the elections, because to do so will enable them to be the first to cry FOUL, if they lose or too close to call fairly. I still think that back in 2000 they (the Liberls) had all intentions to have and put BUSH in the winning column, for one purpose and one purpose only, to create the emergencies and crisis the citizens are suffering now. When the people are scared and there is a crisis then the socialists can cme in and take more control of our liberty’s and our lives’. I think the corrupt voting that went on, got out of control and was going to thwart the liberals efforts to creat to panic we are experiencing now. I think they even set Gore up to the extent that when he wanted a re-count, he was advised to ask for a few counties in Florida to be voted, thus creating the fall out from the people as it was. Why, he would not push for all votes to be re-counted or to at least ask for a negogiated re-count proves how much he was set up!!

    Thank you
    Laura Lowe

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