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“Quake” Saturday was Nuclear Bomb Test

Posted on 29 October 2008

Israel Insider is reporting that a seismic event this weekend in southern Iran may in fact have been a massive underground nuclear bomb test. According to the USGS , the tremor measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale took place Saturday night, October 25 just before midnight Iran time, with its epicenter at 26.70°N, 55.02°E, just north of the strategic straits of Hormuz, opposite Abu Dhabi.

Zoomable map source : Google Maps.

The claim that the tremor was in fact a nuclear test came from an Iranian nuclear scientist who claims to be working in uranium enrichment for the project. A report published by Israel Insider on Friday, October 24 the following night , based on location information previously provided by the Iranian source. included a captionless map that portrayed the area of the seismic event that occurred

Israel Insider’s source reports that the test is in fact the second in a series. A 4.8 Richter scale event occurred on October 21 with an epicenter (26.70N, 54.96E) within 5 km (3 miles) of the October 25 tremor.

Israeli and foreign sources have long speculated that Iran has been in possession of ready nuclear bombs but would only begin testing them when a full production line for nuclear weapons is in place.

The source indicated that Iran is being assisted by China and North Korea. Israel Insider’s Iranian source reports that two "nuclear rockets" have been completed and are intended for use against the Jewish State in the coming months.

The site of the test and the development facility are believed to be in close proximity. The location appears to have been carefully selected. The area is exposed to significant seismic activity, which could serve to mask nuclear tests, although the recent spike in activity in that specific area significantly deviates from historical trends. A tremor measuring 6.2 struck the area on September 10, 2008 (its epicenter was 80km or 50 miles due west), the largest seismic event in the area in more than 33 years.

Source and additional data:USGS

The location on the Persian Gulf near the straits of Hormuz would also facilitate delivery and transport of material and personnel. the strategic importance of the immediate area may also be intended to deter potential strikes against the facilities, which could close down the flow of a substantial percentage of the world’s oil.

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  1. Dr. Nick Stage-PHD. says:

    January 13th, 2009:

    Iran is just 5-to-8 weeks away from exploding, underground,
    it’s first nuclear device, a 5-kiloton yield tactical
    “nuke” at Parchin, 40 kilometers southwest of Teheran–
    Iran’s capital.

    The Shahab-3, and and the new Shahab-4 Iranian IRBM, are now
    both using Solid Fuel Propellants, and Hypergolic Fuels.

    By mid-May of 2009, 15-to-20 of the Shahab-3 missiles will
    “go operational” on the eastern slopes of Iran’s Zagros
    Mountain Range in western Iran.
    There will be 20-to-25 “dummy missiles”, with exactly the same
    length and width measurements of the Shahab-3 interspered in the Zagros
    Mountain Range, to draw off any Israeli and/or American
    strike from jets or Tomahawk ceuise missiles.

    The will be further nuclear testing by Iran in the Dasht-i-Kavir
    Desert about 225 kilometers southeast of Teheran–at Khor/Khvor.
    These will be underground tests of 1-to-2 nuclear devices
    in the 14-to-25 kiloton nuclear explosive-force range.
    Test time-table April of 2009. for this test(s).

    Most likely C.I.A. and Israeli Mossad intelligence agents have convinced
    enough Iranian nuclear and missile scientists and specialists to
    “flip-sides” and using Minox-type cameras to pin-point Iranian
    missile and nuclear-production facilities.
    On-cite Sabotage of these facilities is the present course of action.

    The New York Times exposed this group of U.S. and Israeli
    covert operators, so now there is 75% chance of attacks
    by U.S. and Israeli jets and cruise missiles, within
    30-to-60 days on Iranian missile and nuclear facilities–
    Arak, Natanz, Bushere, Semnan, and other facilities inside Iran.

    Our foreign policy will not accomplish anything if the
    new American President, Barak Obama, tries to directly
    talk with Teheran.
    It’s a waste of time.

    The New York Times newspaper “blew it”.

    God Help Us NOW!!

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