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UPDATED: Obama’s Tax Plan; Plumber gets Mocked by Obama!

Posted on 15 October 2008

Obama Tells Over-Taxed Plumber He Wants More Taxes to Redistribute Wealth

Obama Plumbers Against Scroll to the bottom to see the UPDATE

Amazing as this is, Obama is caught on video telling a plumber that his business will be stifled because he wants to tax his business more and redistribute his profits to 40% of the Americans who do not pay taxes.

Keep in mind, this plumber — if having to pay more taxes — will kindly pass those new taxes down to the people that need his services… Thus, regardless if you’re not going to be hit by a tax increase, you’ll be paying more for goods and services going forward.

Truly amazing, the video tells all. Goodbye capitalism, hello socialism! There’s a pattern here .

Cavuto interviews the plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher:



Today, Obama goes after ‘Joe the Plumber’ and small business by mocking him at a campaign rally while fellow Obama supporters laugh and giggle.. mocking small business and entrepreneurs.  We at deeply feel sorry for Joe and what the Liberal media is putting him through now.



John McCain is Fightin’ for the Working Man… (or woman ).

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