Rescued USA Flags! (Update)

Posted on 06 September 2008


How Unpatriotic is Obama?  Democrats threw out 12,000 U.S. Flags with their trash after their Denver DNC convention a couple of weeks ago.  They just threw our United States flag into the trash just like any other trash.  Just like they do with aborted babies.  Now that I think about it, I’m surprised there wasn’t some aborted babies in there wraped in flags as well.

A merchant after the DNC convention, found these flags trown in the trash and told soemone about it.  Shortly thereafter, those flags were then rescued by the McCain campaign.

This a problem and pattern with Democrats.  Why does it seem as though they are so unpatriotic?  Why do they hate our country so much?  If you recall, Obama’s best friend, William Ayres has invoked terrorism against our great country.  How could anyone be associated with someone like Ayres?  Barack Obama can, and really no one but he knows why. Regardless, Obama’s friend Ayres is a Terrorist .

In the coming weeks, we’ll see how much more unpatriotic Barack Obama is and everything will come out into the open.  But also watch out how he will try and go over the top in being patriotic to compensate.

John McCain will work for our country and Barack Obama will be working for other countries.  There is a stark difference.  Barack Obama is riddled with corruption and pork barrel spending.


Ayres Was on Woods Fund Board with Obama WHen He Stepped on Flag!

Barack Obama was much older than 8 when William Ayers was photographed stepping on a US flag in 2001, for an article in which Ayers said he had “No Regrets ” for his violent actions in the Weather Underground.

In fact, at the same time Ayers was in a Chicago alley desecrating the flag, he and Barack Obama were serving on the board of the Woods Fund together: PolitiFact | Obama served on board with Ayers .

Deborah Harrington, president of the Woods Fund, a philanthropic organization in Chicago, said Obama was a director from 1994 through 2001. That overlaps Ayers’ time as a director by three years. It also means Obama served with Ayers for the final months of 2001, after Ayers made his comments to the New York Times.

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