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Obama’s Boom Economy: Record Bank in Beverly Hills, $28,500 a Plate!

Posted on 16 September 2008

Who’s economy is Obma in?

Yesterday Barack Obama declared how we are in “the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression.”   But today he’s hosting a dinner in Beverly Hills — costing the attendees $28,500 dollars per plate!

The nation’s financials may be in a spiral, but cash is flowing into the Obama campaign faster than Marvin Hamlisch can play “Niagara”!

Hundreds of high rollers, including some of the biggest executives in film, television and music, will munch gourmet chow and hang out with the candidate.

Streisand will then sing at the five-star Beverly Wilshire, no doubt reviving the Depression-era standard “Happy Days Are Here Again” with new urgency.

Obama is set to break a single-day fundraising record of $9 million.

Tuesday’s events in Tinseltown come after Obama racked up a record-breaking $66 million dollars in fundraising last month, beating his previous high mark of $55 million last winter.

“The fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are still very, very difficult times,” rival McCain said, sunny-side up.  

“Sen. McCain, what economy are you talking about?” smiled Obama.