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Google Android will use T-Mobile Network

Posted on 23 September 2008

If you have been following the news recently, you have probably seen the early photos and the launch of the T-Mobile G1. The first commercial phone powered by Google’s Android is built by THC and will be commercialized by T-Mobile for a reasonable price. It’s fair to say that it is not sexy, but it is feature packed and the platform strategy is very interesting. While many will compare it to the iPhone, I don’t really think if the G1 as an iPhone competitor. G1 lacks the design factor that is the primary sales driver for the iPhone. T-Mobile or Google won’t have a tight control over the user experience like Apple does. In the longer term, it will depend on the software (yup, the value is in the software). It could be awesome, or it could be crap – it’s hard to tell, but at least the first seeds of the eco-system have been planted.