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The Argument Against Idiots: Sarah Palin

Posted on 03 September 2008

This is a great piece from the Glenn Beck show, describing the details about Sara Palin and the democratic left attacking them and their family.

The issue:

“Sarah Palin”

What the liberal whiners say:

‘John McCain just gave us the election! Sarah Palin is NOT ready to be commander in chief, and she’s just one heartbeat away from the Presidency!’

‘Her experience can’t compare to Joe Biden, who has been in the United States Senate for 35 years!’

‘And, I see that she’s just another gun-toting, war-mongering nutbag, like all the rest of you conservatives!’

‘She has a down-syndrome baby…how can she possibly manage her responsibilities as a mother AND vice president?’

‘Well, what do you think about her 17 year old daughter getting PREGNANT, not exactly a conservatives dream, is it?

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. As the chief executive of her state, she is better prepared, and has more experience to bring to the presidency than the man who heads the democratic ticket, who had only a year in the U.S. Senate before he started running for president.

2. I thought Washington was broken and we were looking for change? It seems to me that you can’t get much further from Washington than Anchorage, Alaska.

3. Well, this “war-monger” has a son enlisted in the Army who is being deployed to Iraq on September 11th. Now, BOTH members of the Republican ticket now have, or did have sons in this war. I’d say they’re pretty heavily invested in it, wouldn’t you? Who does Obama have in it? What’s HIS military record? I’m sorry, maybe “community organizer” on the South Side of Chicago qualifies?

4. Excuse me? Aren’t you the “women can have-it-all” and “do-it-all”, people? Now all of a sudden, you’re saying she needs to be barefoot and pregnant at home with the kids?

5. I’m sure that’s not anyone’s dream for their children. But unlike Obama’s stance, that if it happens to his daughters, their way out would be abortion because, he “doesn’t want them punished with a baby”. She is doing the responsible thing…marrying the father, and having the baby. Besides, I’m not sure with Obama’s family tree and upbringing the way it is, you really want to get into this discussion.