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DNC embraces homosexual agenda

Posted on 25 August 2008

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow

Pro-family leader Matt Barber says the “radical San Francisco-style social experimentation” promoted by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is not what is best for the country.

The Denver Post reports 358 openly homosexual delegates are in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, the largest number ever to take part in a major party national convention. A special DNC program called “Pride in the Party” was set up to recruit more homosexual delegates and homosexual delegates of color.

Matt Barber, director for cultural affairs with Liberty Counsel, says radical homosexual activists have permeated the Democratic Party. “Because of that the Democrat Party has moved further and further to the left and has really adopted the homosexual lobby’s wish list in its entirety,” he continues.

On the Republican side, the Log Cabin Republicans claim they will be sending about 100 openly homosexual delegates to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis the first week in September.