Should Some People Not Vote? Two Clear Examples Why.

Posted on 17 October 2008

Is McCain the new Black?  Black voters questioned on the street:

What happens when you question people who say they’re going to vote for Obama and ask them how they support his policies when you swap Obama’s policies with McCain’s?

It’s the voters responsibility to understand where each candidate stands on the issues, but voting for someone just because they’re of a certain color is extremely wrong.

These people were not tricked by clever questioning. The interviewer made an effort to be straightforward in how he posed the questions. So the Obama camp cannot complain about these interviews.

As the video below indicates, a lot of dumb people are going to cast their votes but here’s the problem I have;  Are those folks dumb because they’re not capable of critical thought or is it because they’re not given the information they need to make an  informed decision?  I would assert that it’s the latter.

It starts with the public schools.  Civics classes are all but non existent.  The history taught is of the revisionist variety.  (Case in point;   My 11th grade social studies text asserted that 17th century sailors used their own urine to brush their teeth.  It was a falt out lie.   Columbus didn’t piss into a cup so he could put his Oral-B to good use.)  If we’re going to change things, we’ve got to start with the schools…

Kudos to with their I See Dumb People post.

Should You Be Allowed to Vote?

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  1. David Reep says:

    To say this video clip is scary would be an understatement. Almost my entire neighborhood has Obama signs displayed in their yards. I’d love my Neighbors to hear this just to see how they’d rationalize what they heard.

    John McCain has one last chance with a huge TV audience tonight during the last Presidential debate to get Obama so flustered that he answers questions directly that are all on voters minds. I hope in four more years the way debate questions are asked and who moderates the debates will have changed. That’s a change I want to see along with NO MORE taxpayer funding in any way, shape or form going to ACORN or their affiliates .I think Congress now knows that they are on notice regarding pork, kickbacks and funding those who seek to cheat or create mayhem in American society.

  2. Denise says:

    I completely agree with the premise that it is our civic duty to know WHAT you are voting for not just WHO. It makes me crazy to hear people say they are voting because she’s a woman, because he’s black, because he’s white. What about their views? What about the issues? WHAT about their voting records? Ahhhhhh!!!! Please I just want to scream DUMB PEOPLE SHOULDN”T VOTE!!! I don’t care who you vote for but please know WHY you are voting for them. Please know at least 3 of their stances. Please know about the branches of government and how they work even on the most basic level. Please spend at least as much time learning about this election as you do setting up your TIVO!!!!!!
    Thank You – Now go Vote

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